Ben Coopman

I couldn't care less about brands. But I'm fascinated by people in different societies and cultures - how they live, how they think of themselves, and what their values are. And I love telling their stories so that brands can build a world that reflects their needs.

How I work

Only connect

My craft is connecting with people, and luckily people find it easy to open up in front of me. I listen to people with curiosity and without judgement, creating the conditions that let them speak honestly.


Like - what are the ingredients of a hit like Love Island? How are music tastes changing for Radio 1's target audience? What does the London Stock Exchange stand for in volatile times?

Tell a story

I turn insights into clearly written and concise narratives that can have a real impact within organisations, leading to relevant creative work and successful strategy.

What I do



My bread and butter is facilitating conversations in the form of focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnography, online communities, and creative workshops. I'm inspired by having conversations with different people from all walks of life, from Sao Paulo to Sutton Coldfield.



I support teams across the lifecycle of a project, from designing proposals and getting costs, to shaping discussion guides and recruitment specs, through to writing topline reports and delivering engaging debriefs. I lead teams and act as the client contact, as well as delivering stand-alone support.



I work on multi-market studies, coordinating with international partners to understand local cultures. I've been lucky enough to be taken around the world with my work - whether observing groups in Seoul, looking through wardrobes in Beverly Hills or going on a night out drinking in Bucharest.


I work with research agencies including C Space, MTM, Hope + Anchor, Plural Thinking, PAPA Media and Join the Dots to deliver projects across sectors. Recently I have worked on projects for brands including: 

Ben is simply one of the best qualitative researchers it has been my pleasure to work with. I've engaged him for a range of media related projects where he has been a natural with respondents, engaging them to speak naturally and helping to draw insights beyond the superficial. He is also a first class analyst and communicator - with an exceptional ability to illustrate themes in an intelligent, compelling way. 

Nigel Pinto, Director, PAPA Media Research

The pluralthinking team have really enjoyed working with Ben across a number of international qualitative projects in the States and Asia amongst others. He has a fantastic ability to connect with the human target being researched and to get to culturally sensitive insight efficiently. His thinking is always sharp, nuanced and very well expressed, making him a huge asset on our projects.

Brett Templeton, Managing Partner, pluralthinking

Ben has a unique knack for putting consumers at their ease whilst conducting research. From fashion and cars to accountancy degrees, Ben has tackled a range of topics for me as a freelancer - and I have to say our clients always loved working with him and watching him conducting groups and depth interviews, and seeing how he seemingly effortlessly got consumers to open up and talk about their worlds. 

Bianca Abulafia, Head of Insight, Kadence Research

Who I am

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I studied Classics & English at Oxford University, where I read other people's stories and compared the values and aspirations that make different cultures tick. I followed the genre of tragedy from Sophocles to Samuel Beckett, and explored how gender was constructed in the ancient world.

Ben Coopman

After a brief stint working in a talent agency (where I once made Michael Fassbender a cup of tea), I started my research career in 2011 at the media consultancy MTM as their first Research Assistant, working across qual and quant. I then joined the insights team at the ad agency McCann Erickson, where we worked in a converted Art Deco car park in Russell Square.

Rugby boots

I've been self-employed since 2015, which allows me the freedom to decide which projects and how much work to take on. In 2019 I moved to Berlin - where you can catch me running around Tempelhofer Feld, learning the language by listening to German rap, or clubbing the civilised way, on a Sunday afternoon.